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Version: 1.7.3

WorkFlow for 1099

Step 1 : Set up your free Sandbox account by providing your account details and business information.

Step 2 : Access your sandbox account and navigate to Settings >> API Credentials to retrieve the OAuth 2.0 credentials.

Step 3 : Complete OAuth 2.0 – Generate a JSON Web Signature (JWS) and use that to obtain the Access token, i.e., JSON Web Token (JWT). Refer to OAuth 2.0 Authentication for more information on JWT authentication and how to integrate with subsequent requests.

Step 4 : Configure the Webhooks to receive the E-File status updates by navigating to Settings >> Webhooks. For more information, click here.

Step 5 : Use the Create endpoint with the Payer, recipient, and Form information. You can send up to 250 forms in a single submission. For detailed information, click here.

Step 6 : You can use the Update endpoint to edit an existing form that is already created in your account (or) to add a new record to the existing submission. For detailed information, click here.

Step 7 : By using the Get endpoint, you can retrieve the JSON payload. For detailed information, click here.

Step 8 : Use RequestDraftPDF to get the draft PDF from TaxBandits. The PDFs generated will only have the COPY A of the form with a watermark "Draft do not file". For detailed information, click here.

Step 9 : You can list out the forms created against a particular Business or Business TIN using the List endpoint. For detailed information, click here.

Step 10 : Once the forms are reviewed, you can transmit your forms to the IRS using the Transmit endpoint. You can transmit a submission with entire records (or) only the particular records of a submission. For detailed information, click here.

Step 11 : After transmission, you can retrieve the PDF of the transmitted Form using RequestPDFURL / GetPDF Endpoint.

  • GetPDF - This endpoint will send the PDFs through webhooks, and you will have to configure the Webhook "PDF Complete" on the console site.

  • RequestPDFURL - This endpoint will return the PDF URLs immediately in the response.

These endpoints will provide all the form copies as Recipient, Payer, and State copies. You can also request the PDFs with the TIN Masked (Only the last 4 digits of the TIN will be shown) or Unmasked. For detailed information, click here

Step 12 : If you have configured Webhooks for ‘E-file Status Change’, you will be updated with the status of the returns you transmitted automatically.

If not, you can use the Status Endpoint and check the status of the returns. You will have to provide the SubmissionId and RecordIds that were returned in the Create response.

We recommend that you test the status endpoint before using it in the live environment. For detailed information, click here