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Understanding BOI Reporting Requirements

  • Starting January 1, 2024, FinCEN requires small businesses to report their Beneficial Owners Information (BOI) as part of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA).
  • This reporting requirement aims to enhance financial transparency, thereby preventing money laundering and other financial crimes.
  • BOI Reporting is required for the following types
    of entities.
    • Domestic Entities - Any entities that originate and operate
      in the U.S.
    • Foreign Entities - Any entities that originate outside the U.S. and conduct business
      in the U.S.
Understanding BOI Reporting Requirements
Understanding BOI Reporting Requirements
Unlock Efficiency with TaxBandits BOIR API
Unlock Efficiency with TaxBandits BOIR API

Unlock Efficiency with TaxBandits

  • Integrating TaxBandits API with your own software or portal facilitates streamlined BOI reporting for you and your clients.
  • Our API provides a simplified way to automate BOI reporting, ensuring FinCEN compliance while reducing the manual processes involved. We support all types of BOI reports – Initial, Update, Correction, and Newly Exempt Entity.
  • With this integration, you can have a centralized solution for BOIR, eliminating the need to rely on multiple systems.

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How to Integrate TaxBandits BOIR API?



Create a free sandbox account to get started with
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Test and simulate the BOIR process in a secure sandbox environment.



Integrate the API and start your journey to seamless compliance.

Reliable Tools and Features Exclusively
for Developers!

TaxBandits provides a developer-friendly API with a range of valuable resources and tools designed specifically for developers, facilitating
smooth integration.

Clear Documentation

Our API comes with comprehensive documentation with clear instructions that illustrate how endpoints are used to create, update, validate, and e-file tax forms.


TaxBandits offers SDK libraries in various programming languages, such as Java, Node JS, .Net, C# and Python, that help you use our API.

Sandbox Environment

The Sandbox environment allows the simulation of end-to-end e-filing procedures and TIN validation for testing purposes.


In Sandbox, you can simulate the end-to-end e-filing process, Form status, and various other processes to see how they work.

Advanced Security

TaxBandits is a SOC-2 Certified company that utilizes a number of security protocols to safeguard sensitive information throughout the process.

Developer Support

In case of any queries related to the API, you can get instant help from our expert team
of developers.

A Developer-Friendly
A Developer-Friendly

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