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Version: 1.7.3

TIN Matching Simulation

TaxBandits API offers TIN Matching service that allows you to make sure the TINs obtained through W-9 Forms match the IRS database, ensuring accuracy.

TIN matching service can be opted along with the W-9 endpoint. If the TIN matching is opted for, TaxBandits will retrieve the Name and TIN information from the completed W-9 form and send it to the IRS for verification.

If you prefer to opt for TIN Matching separately, you can use the TinMatchingRecipients endpoint.

In order to understand how the TIN Matching process works, TaxBandits allows you to simulate the TIN Matching in Sandbox. For this, you must configure the TIN Matching Status Change Webhook as well. To learn how to configure Webhook for TIN Matching, click here.(If you have opted for TIN Matching along with W-9 or WHcerticate endpoints, the TIN Matching status will be updated in the respective Webhook event type).

The TIN Matching status for TINs ending with ‘three zeroes’ will be shown as "Failed". The status of all other TINs will be "Success". For example, the EIN: 12-3456000 will fail in TIN Matching, whereas 12-3456789 will succeed in TIN Matching.