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Version: 1.7.3

Domain Whitelisting

Here are the steps to whitelist your domain in Sandbox:

  1. From the console site (, navigate to Settings >> IP/Domain Whitelisting.


  1. Choose whether you want to whitelist the IP or Domain.


  1. Click the “Add Domain” button and save your domain name.

Whitelisting Whitelisting

  1. A unique reference ID will be generated by TaxBandits.


  1. Once added, you can click the ‘Enable Domain Whitelisting’ button to activate the Domain Whitelisting.


  1. The “Domain Reference Id” should be sent in each API call on the “Referer” node of the API header for both OAuth and API URLs.



To use domain whitelisting in Live, you must send a request to Once approved, you can follow the same as followed in Sandbox.