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Version: 1.7.3


This endpoint will return the completed W-9 of a particular recipient. The response will comprise the W-9 information, such as the Name, Address, and TIN, along with a link to download the completed Form W-9.

Key Points

  • Only the W-9s with the ‘COMPLETED’ and ‘COMPLETED_AND_TIN_MATCH_INPROGRESS’ statuses can be retrieved using the Get method.
  • If you do not provide the BusinessId in the request, then the W-9 that matches the Email or PayeeRef linked to the default business will be retrieved.
  • If there are multiple W-9s for the same Email or PayeeRef, the most recently completed W-9 will be retrieved.
GET FormW9/Get 
Run in Postman

Request Params

PayeeRefStringA unique identifier of the recipient(Either PayeeRef or Email is required)
Size Range: 1-50
EmailStringEmail Address of the recipient.
Size Range: 1-50
BusinessIdGuidOptional Unique Business Identifier. If you do not provide the BusinessId in the request, the BusinessId of the default business will be mapped.
TINStringOptional Taxpayer Identification Number.Use this as an alternate for BusinessId. (Values: EIN, SSN)
Size Range: 9-11

Request Params

Get the W-9 data of the recipient with PayeeRef and BusinessId


Response Body

SubmissionIdGuidA Unique identifier of the submission.
RequesterObjectRequester information.
    BusinessIdGuidA unique identifier of the business.
    BusinessNmStringRequester name. If the requester is a business, then the Business Name will be returned. If the requester is an individual, then the Payer’s full name will be returned.
    TINTypeStringTIN Type of the requester.
    TINStringTaxpayer Identification Number of the requester.
    DBAIdStringUnique Identifier for the DBA.
    DBARefStringUnique identifier for each DBA. This identifier can be used in future references of the DBA in the API.
PayeeRefStringA unique identifier of the recipient.
RecipientIdGuidA unique ID generated by TaxBandits after the return is created and will be returned in the response. You can use this id for your future reference to update.
W9StatusStringStatus of the W-9.
StatusTsStringTimestamp of the W-9 Status
TINMatchingObjectTIN Matching information.
    StatusStringTIN Matching status.
    StatusTsStringTimestamp of the TIN Matching Status.
    ErrorsStringShows the detailed error message.
FormW9RequestTypeStringForm W-9 requested Type.
  • URL_API - Form W-9 was requested using the RequestByURL method.
  • Email_API - Form W-9 was requested using the RequestByEmail method.
  • Email_UI - Form W-9 was requested from the TaxBandits UI application.
PdfUrlStringURL to download the completed W-9.
Note: This URL will expire in 24 hours.
EmailStringEmail Address of the recipient. This is the email to which the W-9 request was sent. The value will be null if the Form W-9 was requested using the RequestByUrl method.
FormDataObjectForm W-9 data of the recipient
    Line1NmstringName as shown on the income tax return
    Line2NmstringBusiness name/disregarded entity name (if different from Line1 Name)
    TINTypestringTIN type of the recipient.(EIN or SSN)
    TINstringRecipient’s TIN
Size Range: 9
    AddressObjectRecipient’s complete address
        Address1stringRecipient’s Address 1 (number, street)
Size Range: 35
        Address2stringRecipient’s Address 2 (apt. or suite no.)
Size Range: 35
        CitystringRecipient’s City
Size Range: 27
        StatestringRecipient’s State
Size Range: 2
        ZipCdstringRecipient’s Zip Code
Size Range: 5,9
    FederalTaxClassificationstringU.S. Federal Tax Classification of the person whose name is entered on Line 1
    IsLine3bBooleanIf TRUE, identifies that the recipient is
  1. Either a partnership, trust or estate that has foreign partners, owners, or beneficiaries and the recipient is providing this form to a partnership, trust, or estate, in which they have an ownership interest. (or)
  2. Received a Form W-8 from any partner, owner, or beneficiary establishing foreign status (or)
  3. Received a Form W-9 from any partner, owner, or beneficiary that has checked the box on line 3b.
    ExemptPayeeCdstringThis code indicates that the recipient is exempt from backup withholding
    ExemptFromFATCAstringThis code indicates that the recipient is exempt from reporting under FATCA.
    IsBackUpWHBooleanIf True identifies that the recipient have been notified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that they are subject to backup withholding.
        ErrorsObject[]Collection of errors for the Recipient
         IdstringError ID number. This ID is assigned by TaxBandits and it is unique for each error.
         NamestringName of the errored node.
         MessagestringShows the error message

Response JSON

The response will have the completed W-9 information for the given Payee Reference corresponding to the BusinessId. In addition, the Response Payload will also have the PdfUrl link to download the W-9.

"SubmissionId": "eb273c92-5d1a-4840-ab8e-990cc4e47631",
"Requester": {
"BusinessId": "64581600-1e9b-4b4e-813c-6a1a22232c4e",
"PayerRef": "S3005",
"BusinessNm": "Snowdaze LLC",
"TINType": "EIN",
"TIN": "20-1652597",
"DBAId": null,
"DBARef": null
"PayeeRef": "TN33",
"RecipientId": "7f2cf6da-9f28-4e01-9755-78abadbfd9bd",
"W9Status": "COMPLETED",
"StatusTs": "2024-04-12 03:16:50 -04:00",
"TINMatching": {
"Status": "SUCCESS",
"StatusTs": "2024-04-12 03:18:28 -04:00",
"Errors": null
"FormW9RequestType": "URL_API",
"PdfUrl": "",
"Email": "",
"FormData": {
"Line1Nm": "Denver techonology",
"Line2Nm": "Milk products",
"TINType": "EIN",
"TIN": "XX-XXX7688",
"Address": {
"Address1": "0322 Crox Avenue Edi",
"Address2": "Main Street ",
"City": "Rock Hill",
"State": "AL",
"ZipCd": "29730"
"FederalTaxClassification": "Partnership",
"IsLine3b": true,
"ExemptPayeeCd": "2",
"ExemptFromFATCA": "E",
"IsBackUpWH": true
"Errors": null