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Version: 1.7.0


Request Body

    VTobjectVermont state recon details.
        FormWHT434objectContains Vermont Recon Form WHT-434 details.
            VTWithHoldingIDstringVermont state withholding ID number.
Allowed values

"430999999999F99", "WHT12345678&quot

            PayFreqstringPayment frequency.
Allowed values

"SemiWeekly", "Mothly", "Quarterly&quot

            IsBusinessCeasedWantToCloseAccBooleanWhen TRUE, identifies that the business has ceased and you would like your account closed.
            BusinessCeaseDatedateBusiness cease date.
            IsReportingSickPayBooleanWhen TRUE, identifies that you are reporting sick pay.
            AggErHealthInsCoveragenumberAggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored health insurance coverage.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TotNumOfW2FormsintNumber of W-2 forms.
            TotWagesPerW2numberTotal wages paid as per W-2.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TaxWHPerW2numberTotal tax withheld as per W-2.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TotNumOf1099FormsintNumber of 1099 forms.
            Tot1099PaymentsnumberTotal payments as per 1099 forms.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TaxWHPer1099numberTotal tax withheld as per 1099 forms.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TotTaxWHnumberTotal Vermont tax withheld.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99

Request JSON

"VT": {
"FormWHT434": {
"VTWithHoldingID": "WHT98765101",
"PayFreq": "Quarterly",
"IsBusinessCeasedWantToCloseAcc": "True",
"BusinessCeaseDate": "07/10/2021",
"IsReportingSickPay": "True",
"AggErHealthInsCoverage": 210,
"TotNumOfW2Forms": 15,
"TotWagesPerW2": 1000,
"TaxWHPerW2": 200,
"TotNumOf1099Forms": 16,
"Tot1099Payments": 1000,
"TaxWHPer1099": 201,
"TotTaxWH": 401