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Version: 1.7.0


Request Body

    GAobjectGeorgia state recon details.
        FormG1003objectContains Georgia Recon Form G-1003 details.
            GAWithHoldingIDstringGeorgia state withholding ID number.
Allowed values

"9999999 AA&quot

            IsDomesticErBooleanWhen TRUE, identifies that the employer is a domestic employer.
            TotNumOfW2FormsintTotal number of W-2 forms.
            TotWagesnumberTotal GA taxable wages paid.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TotTaxWHnumberTotal GA tax withheld.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99

Request JSON

"GA": {
"FormG1003": {
"GAWithHoldingID": "9978967-SS",
"IsDomesticEr": false,
"TotNumOfW2Forms": 20,
"TotWages": 2000,
"TotTaxWH": 200