Extend your software with TaxBandits IRS E-file API Integration

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Version: 1.7.1


Lists all the returns created and transmitted on the account or a particular employer.

GET Form1095C/List

Request Body

BusinessIdGuidUnique identifier of business.
EINstringEmployer Identification Number.
PagenumberPulls the page number of the page selected
PageSizenumberNumber of 1095C&1094C records to be listed in each page
EfileStatusstringList the 1095C&1094C records based on the status
FromDateDateTimeDate from which the 1094C's & 1095C's are created.
ToDateDateTimeDate until which the 1094C's & 1095C's are created

Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the HTTP status codes like 200,300 etc.
StatusNamestringName of the status code.
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message.
Form1095Cobject[]Returns detailed information of the Form 1095C&1094C records.
    SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission.
    BusinessIdGuidReturns the unique Business ID for the Business. It can be used in future to refer the same business.
    BusinessNmstringName of the business
    EINGuidEmployer Identification Number of the business.
    ContactNamestringName of the contact person.
    RecordIdGuidUnique identifier of a record.
    Form1095CAttachedCntnumberNumber of 1095-C Forms Filed with this return.
    Employeeobject[]Contains EmployeeId, EmployeeName and SSN information of the Employee for whom the 1095-C is filed.
        EmployeeIdGuidAn unique ID generated by TaxBandits after the return is created and will be returned in the Response. You can use this id for your future reference to Update.
        EmployeeNameGuidName of the employee.
        SSNobjectSSN of the employee.
    TaxYrstringTax year of Form 1095-C was filed.
    IsPostalBooleanWhen true, the form copies are postal mailed to the employees
    EFileStatusstringList the Form 1095-C records based on the status.
TotalRecordsnumberTotal number of records.
TotalPagesnumberTotal number of pages.
PagenumberPulls the page number of the page selected.
PageSizenumberNumber of 1095-C records to be listed in each page.
Errorsobject[]Shows detailed error information.
    CodestringReturns the validation error code.
    NamestringName of the validation error.
    MessagestringDescription of the validation error.
    TypestringType of validation error.

Request JSON


Response JSON

{ "StatusCode": 200, "StatusName": "Ok", "StatusMessage": "Successful API call", "Form1095C": [   {     "SubmissionId": "633e417a-752f-471e-ab2a-4536e78619ab",     "BusinessId": "525a517a-6f0e-4748-814b-8b1f133b3a98",     "BusinessNm": "Eastman Kodak Com",     "EIN": "003387107",     "ContactName": "John",     "RecordId": "27e33cf0-0cd8-4934-9bbd-259fdd93517a",     "Form1095CAttachedCnt": 1,     "Employee": [       {         "EmployeeId": "d3553c84-d456-4646-b534-b2d1b68c515f",         "EmployeeName": "Steve  Michal Waugh Sr",         "SSN": "112-23-6891"       }     ],     "TaxYr": "2020",     "IsPostal": false,     "EFileStatus": "CREATED"   },   {     "SubmissionId": "56703b0b-ef23-46d6-8c4a-92a431154203",     "BusinessId": "525a517a-6f0e-4748-814b-8b1f133b3a98",     "BusinessNm": "Eastman Kodak Com",     "EIN": "003387107",     "ContactName": "John",     "RecordId": "6574c91e-8371-453c-aa9b-0795e6707f71",     "Form1095CAttachedCnt": 1,     "Employee": [       {         "EmployeeId": "d3553c84-d456-4646-b534-b2d1b68c515f",         "EmployeeName": "Steve  Michal Waugh Sr",         "SSN": "112-23-6891"       }     ],     "TaxYr": "2020",     "IsPostal": false,     "EFileStatus": "CREATED"   },   {     "SubmissionId": "af860e74-0e7b-46d2-88e7-31b9e608e1de",     "BusinessId": "525a517a-6f0e-4748-814b-8b1f133b3a98",     "BusinessNm": "Eastman Kodak Com",     "EIN": "003387107",     "ContactName": "John",     "RecordId": "ccfbab45-33f4-439f-b6c6-e6201872c328",     "Form1095CAttachedCnt": 1,     "Employee": [       {         "EmployeeId": "d3553c84-d456-4646-b534-b2d1b68c515f",         "EmployeeName": "Steve  Michal Waugh Sr",         "SSN": "112-23-6891"       }     ],     "TaxYr": "2020",     "IsPostal": false,     "EFileStatus": "CREATED"   },   {     "SubmissionId": "f1224be9-d6fb-4d56-9db8-85ee3958ea51",     "BusinessId": "525a517a-6f0e-4748-814b-8b1f133b3a98",     "BusinessNm": "Eastman Kodak Com",     "EIN": "003387107",     "ContactName": "John",     "RecordId": "09e3a421-94e2-467c-a69a-f6068af181dc",     "Form1095CAttachedCnt": 1,     "Employee": [       {         "EmployeeId": "d3553c84-d456-4646-b534-b2d1b68c515f",         "EmployeeName": "Steve  Michal Waugh Sr",         "SSN": "112-23-6891"       }     ],     "TaxYr": "2020",     "IsPostal": false,     "EFileStatus": "CREATED"   } ], "Page": 1, "TotalRecords": 4, "TotalPages": 1, "PageSize": 10, "Errors": null}