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Version: 1.7.3


Request Body

    MOobjectMissouri state recon details.
        FormMOW-3objectContains Missouri Recon Form MOW-3 details.
            MOWithHoldingIDstringMissouri state withholding ID number.
Allowed values: "99999998"
            NumOfW2intNumber of Form W-2.
            TotalMOTaxWHW2numberTotal Missouri tax withheld from Form W-2s.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            ContactPersonNmstringEmployer contact person name.
            TitlestringEmployer contact person title.

Request JSON

"MO": {
"FormMOW3": {
"MOWithHoldingID": "99789671",
"NumOfW2": 10,
"TotalMOTaxWHW2": 3445,
"ContactPersonNm": "Hillary",
"Title": "President"