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Version: 1.7.3


GET Form944/List 

Request Params

SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission


Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the HTTP status codes like 200,300 etc.
StatusNamestringName of the status code.
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message.
Form944Recordsobject[]Returns detailed information of the Form 944 records.
    SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission.
    BusinessIdGuidUnique Identifier of the business.
    BusinessNmstringName of the business.
    EINGuidEmployer identification Number.
    BusinessTypestringType of the return to be filed. Like as FORM941, FORM941PR, FORM941SS.
    RecordIdGuidUnique identifier of a record.
    TaxYrstringTax year of Form 944 to be filed.
    QtrstringQuarter of Form 944 to be filed.
    IRSPaymentTypestringPayment type to make payments to the IRS.
    EFileStatusstringList the Form 944 records based on the status.
TotalRecordsnumberTotal number of records.
TotalPagesnumberTotal number of pages.
PagenumberPulls the page number of the page selected.
PageSizenumberNumber of 944 records to be listed in each page.
Errorsobject[]Shows detailed error information.
    CodestringReturns the validation error code.
    NamestringName of the validation error.
    MessagestringDescription of the validation error.
    TypestringType of validation error.

Response JSON

"StatusCode": 200,
"StatusName": "Ok",
"StatusMessage": "Successful API call",
"SubmissionId": "496570cd-e218-4f91-83e6-1549ea8ce525",
"Form944Records": {
"SuccessRecords": [
"SequenceId": "001",
"RecordId": "7d9a60e8-e6d6-4c1c-9daf-0575f5b3fb69",
"RecordStatus": "DELETED",
"CreatedTs": "2023-10-03 03:00:02 -04:00",
"UpdatedTs": "2023-10-03 03:37:03 -04:00"
"ErrorRecords": null
"Errors": null