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Version: 1.7.1


Gets the Submission IDs available for the given business.

Run in Postman

Request Params

TaxyearstringTaxYear for which the form is filed.
BusinessIdGuidUse the Business Id for which you are trying to get the SubmissionId’s.

Request Params


Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the HTTP status codes like 200,300 etc.
StatusNamestringName of the status code.
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message.
BusinessIdGuid[]Unique identifier of a business
PayerRefstringUnique identifier of a payer
TINstringTax Identification Number of the business
Submissionsobject[]Has detailed information about the submissions of the given business
SubmissionIdGuid[]Unique identifier of a submission
FormTypestringType of form for which the SubmissionId is listed 
SubmissionStatusstringStatus of the submission
TotalRecordsnumberTotal number of records in the submission
RecordsReceivednumberTotal number of records received
TaxYearnumberTaxYear for which the forms have been filed

Response JSON

"StatusCode": 200,
"StatusName": "Ok",
"StatusMessage": "Successful API call",
"BusinessId": "0071f016-7577-4e61-bf95-eaac37e9388f",
"PayerRef": "5#er",
"TIN": "52-9600362",
"Submissions": [
"SubmissionId": "c56aff35-f09b-424d-bc3c-57bf5d5da7bf",
"FormType": "Form1099MISC",
"SubmissionStatus": "CREATED",
"TotalRecords": 2000,
"RecordsReceived": 2000,
"TaxYear": "2021"
"Errors": null