Extend your software with TaxBandits IRS E-file API Integration

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Version: 1.7.0


LIST endpoint lets you list the basic details of all the returns irrespective of their record status. List can be customized by sending values corresponding to its optional parameters, which gets applied as filters to the list.

GET FormW2C/List

Request Body

SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission
BusinessIdGuidUnique identifier of a business
EINstringEmployer Identification Number
TaxYearstringList the W2C records based on the given taxyear.
PagenumberPulls the records listed in the page selected
PageSizenumberNumber of W-2C records to be listed in each page
EfileStatusstringList the W-2C records based on the status ("CREATED, UNDERPROCESS, TRANSMITTED, ACCEPTED, REJECTED")
FromDatestringList W-2C records created from
ToDatestringList W-2C records created up to

Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the HTTP status codes like 200,300 etc.
StatusNamestringName of the status code.
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message.
FormW2CRecordsobject[]Returns detailed information of the Form W-2C records
    SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission
    BusinessIdGuidUnique identifier of a business
    BusinessNmstringName of the business
    EINorSSNstringEmployer Identification Number or Social Security Number
    ContactNamestringName of the person who can be contacted by the IRS.
    TaxYearstringTax year of W-2Cs to be filed.
    EmployeeobjectReturns the employee details.
        SequenceIdstringAn unique reference ID for the submission that can be used to identify a particular record. The Sequence ID will be returned in the Response for your reference.
        RecordIdGuidAn unique identifier generated by TaxBandits when a W2C return is created.
        EmployeeIdGuidAn unique identifier generated by TaxBandits for a employee when a W2C return is created. You can use this id for your future reference to Update.
        EmployeeNameBooleanName of the employee.
        SSNstringSSN of the employee.
        StatusstringThe status of Form W2.
TotalRecordsnumberTotal number of records listed in the response.
TotalPagesnumberTotal number of pages
PagenumberReturns the page number in which the records are listed
PageSizenumberNumber of records listed in each page.
Errorsobject[]Shows detailed error information
    IdstringReturns the validation error Id
    NamestringName of the validation error
    MessagestringDescription of the validation error

Request JSON


Response JSON

"StatusCode": 200,
"StatusName": "Ok",
"StatusMessage": "Successful API call",
"FormW2CRecords": [
"SubmissionId": "08a8d549-2d78-4feb-b18d-f4aded533ab3",
"BusinessId": "5607b044-6809-4399-9645-d20d761b5dcb",
"BusinessNm": "Brian LLC",
"EIN": "44-1111211",
"ContactName": "Brian O Relly",
"TaxYear": "2021",
"Employee": {
"SequenceId": "001",
"RecordId": "ae53c621-ea01-4cb5-9e4e-a96987a4eeb1",
"EmployeeId": "8957652a-7877-4db8-80a5-b555e44c7354",
"EmployeeName": "Michael John Augustin",
"SSN": "112-23-6003",
"Status": "CREATED"
"TotalRecords": 1,
"TotalPages": 1,
"Page": 1,
"PageSize": 100,
"Errors": null