Extend your software with TaxBandits IRS E-file API Integration

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Version: 1.7.0


This method will be used only if the Signature Type is given as “ERO”.

Using the Get method, download the Form 8879 EMP with reference to the RecordId. 

[GET] Form941/DownloadForm8879EMP 

Request Body

RecordIdGuidUnique identifier of a record.

Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the HTTP status codes like 200,300 etc.
StatusNamestringName of the status code.
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message.
RecordIdGuidUnique identifier of a record
Form8879EMPPdfbyte[]Pulls the byte array of Form-8879 pdf records with Success and Error status
Errorsobject[]Shows detailed error information.
    IdstringReturns the validation error id.
    NamestringName of the validation error.
    MessagestringDescription of the validation error.

Request JSON: To download the Form 8879 EMP, provide the RecordId of the specific recipient.


Response JSON: After verifying the RecordId, Form 8879 EMP will be downloaded.

"StatusCode": 200,
"StatusName": "Ok",
"StatusMessage": "Successful API call",
"RecordId": "eed7cf65-088e-4eba-800a-dcd54c0d05bb",
"Form8879EMPPdf": "QEA",
"Errors": null