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Version: 1.7.0


Business Endpoint allows the Employer/Payers to create their Business information that can be used as a reference in order to utilize the TaxBandits API. Once the business is created, Taxbandits will generate a unique Business ID that can be used to represent the specific business.  

Here’s how Business endpoint may be used:

  • Call the Auth method to get the access token. This access token must be supplied in the request header as the ‘Bearer‘ token. Refer OAuth 2.0 Authentication for more information on JWT authentication and how to integrate with the subsequent requests.
  • You can create a business using a unique Business ID with Create method.
  • Call the [Get] Business/RequestByURL method to return a unique URL. Then, open up an intermediate screen on the browser to create a business and submit the form.
  • If any information needs to be updated for your business, use the Update method.
  • The Delete method is used to delete a particular business request or a submission.
  • Use the method List to list all businesses created based on Date Range. 
  • Get method returns the business information submitted by the client.
  • Setup Business Complete Webhook. When recipients fill, and complete the form, the payload response will have details of the information submitted.