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Version: 1.7.3


This method will return the status of all the Form W-8BENs (complete and incomplete) for a particular recipient.

The statuses of the W-8BENs that were requested using the endpoints RequestByURL, RequestByEmail and TaxBandits application can be retrieved using this method.

W-8BEN Statuses

  • URL Generated - The W-8BEN URL is generated by TaxBandits, but the recipient has not opened it. (Not applicable to RequestByEmail method).
  • Order Created - The client requested W-8BEN using the RequestByEmail method and it has not yet been processed by TaxBandits. (Not applicable to RequestByURL method).
  • Scheduled - The TaxBandits email service has taken up the W-8BEN request and the email is scheduled to be sent. (Not applicable to RequestByURL method)
  • Sent - Client sent W-8BEN request from TaxBandits API and the email has yet to be delivered. (Not applicable to RequestByURL method).
  • Opened - The recipient has opened the Form W-8BEN and has yet to complete it.
  • Completed - Recipient has completed and signed the Form W-8BEN

Key Points

  • If there are multiple W-8BENs for the same Email or PayeeRef, the statuses of all the W-8BENs will be listed as an array.
  • If you do not supply the BusinessId in the request, then the status of the W-8BEN that matches the Email or PayeeRef linked to the default business will be retrieved.
GET FormW8Ben/Status 
Run in Postman

Request Params

PayeeRefStringUnique identifier of a recipient. Either PayeeRef or Email is required.
Size Range: 1-50
EmailStringEmail Address of the recipient.
Size Range: 1-50
BusinessIdGuidOptional Unique Business Identifier.
If you do not supply the BusinessId in the request, the BusinessId of the default business will be mapped.
TINStringOptional Taxpayer Identification Number. Use this as an alternate for BusinessId.
Values: EIN, SSN
Size Range: 9-11(Including hyphen)

Request Params

Get the W-8BEN status of a recipient with PayeeRef and BusinessId.


Response Body

RequesterObjectRequester information.
    BusinessIdGuidA unique identifier of the business.
    BusinessNmStringBusiness Name of the requester. If the requester is an Individual, then the Payer’s full name will be returned.
    TINTypeStringTIN Type of the Requester.
    TINStringTaxpayer Identification Number of the requester.
PayeeRefStringUnique identifier of the recipient
EmailStringEmail Address of the recipient. This is the email to which the W-8BEN request was sent.
TotalRecordsIntNumber of records available for the Payee Reference
StatusObject[]Statuses of the W-8BEN records for the recipient
    SubmissionIdGuidSubmission ID of the original W-8BEN Request.
    W8BenStatusStringStatus of the W-8BEN.
    StatusTsStringTimestamp of the W-8BEN Status
    FormW8BenRequestTypeStringForm W-8BEN requested Type.
  • URL_API - Form W-8BEN was requested using the API method RequestByURL.
  • Email_API - Form W-8BEN was requested using the API method RequestByEmail.
  • Email_UI - Form W-8BEN was requested from the TaxBandits UI application.
ErrorsObjectShows detailed error information.

Response JSON

A response will provide the status of W-8BEN for the specific PayeeRef and BusinessId.

"Requester": {
"BusinessId": "7B82B242-1223-4029-9251-C0446298F620",
"BusinessNm": "ABC LLC",
"TINType": "EIN",
"TIN": "22-2222222"
"PayeeRef": "Pe123451234",
"Email": "",
"TotalRecords": 1,
"Status": [
"SubmissionId": "85dd7845-55b0-4b1d-9f1b-17a6f51c4dea",
"W8BenStatus": "COMPLETED",
"StatusTs": "2021-02-22 04:24:09 -05:00",
"FormW8BenRequestType": "URL_API"
"Errors": null