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Version: 1.7.3


Use this method to list the W-8BENs under a particular business. The W-8BENs can be filtered based on the W-8BEN Statuses and Date Range.

GET FormW8Ben/List 
Run in Postman

Request Params

BusinessIdGuidOptional Unique identifier of a business. If you do not supply the BusinessId in the request, the BusinessId of the default business will be mapped.
TINStringOptional TIN of the business. If you do not have the BusinessId, you can use the TIN to refer the business
Size Range: 9-11 (including hypen)
W8BENStatusStringOptional Status of the W-8BEN
Allowed values: "Sent", "Order_Created", "Scheduled", "URL_Generated", "Opened", "Completed", "ALL"
PageintOptional Page number that needs to be listed in the Response. If the value is not given, then the page will be defaulted to 1.
PageSizeintOptional Number of W-8BEN records to be listed in each page. If the value is not given, then the page size will be defaulted to 100.
FromDateStringOptional Lists the W-8BEN records between the date range.
ToDateStringOptional Lists the W-8BEN records between the date range.

Request Params

List with all valid parameters


Response Body

RequesterObjectRequester information.
    BusinessIdGuidA unique identifier of the business.
    BusinessNmStringBusiness Name of the requester. If the requester is an Individual, then the Payer’s full name will be returned.
    TINTypeStringTIN Type of the Requester.
    TINStringTaxpayer Identification Number of the requester.
FormW8BENRecordsObject[]List of W-8BEN Records.
    SubmissionIdGuidSubmission ID of the original W-8BEN Request
    PayeeRefStringUnique identifier of the recipient
    NmOfIndividualStringRecipient Name as given on the Form W-8BEN Line 1.
    W8BENStatusStringStatus of the W-8BEN.
    StatusTsStringTimestamp of the W-8BEN Status
    PdfUrlStringURL to download the completed W-8BEN
    EmailStringEmail Address of the recipient. This is the email to which the W-8BEN request was sent.The value will be null if the Form W-8BEN was requested using the API method RequestByURL
    FormW8BENRequestTypeStringForm W-8BEN requested Type.
  • URL_API - Form W-8BEN was requested using the API method RequestByURL.
  • Email_API - Form W-8BEN was requested using the API method RequestByEmail.
  • Email_UI - Form W-8BEN was requested from the TaxBandits UI application.
TotalRecordsIntNumber of records available for the business
TotalPagesIntTotal pages available for the business
PageIntRequested Page Number
PageSizeIntRequested Page Size
ErrorsObjectShows detailed error information.

Response JSON

The response will list all the W-8BENs under a given BusinessId and TIN. Here TIN refers to the TIN for Business.

"Requester": {
"BusinessId": "387f41d7-b238-455b-b9d7-48f7d48889f5",
"BusinessNm": "ABC LLC",
"TINType": "EIN",
"TIN": "12-4563758"
"FormW8BenRecords": [
"SubmissionId": "8487afa2-ff0e-413e-aa41-ba0b328aac93",
"PayeeRef": "Pe123451234",
"NmOfIndividual": "ABC Inc",
"StatusTs": "2021-02-19 14:36:28 -05:00",
"PdfUrl": "",
"Email": """",
"FormW8BENRequestType": "URL_API"
"SubmissionId": "8487afa2-ff0e-413e-aa41-ba0b328aac93",
"PayeeRef": "Pe543221234",
"RecipientId": "d94f8462-d509-4636-98dc-aef25fe50ea3",
"NmOfIndividual": "Steve Smith",
"StatusTs": "2021-02-19 14:36:28 -05:00",
"PdfUrl": "",
"Email": "",
"FormW8BENRequestType": "Email_API"
"TotalRecords": 2,
"TotalPages": 1,
"Page": 1,
"PageSize": 10,
"Errors": null