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Version: 1.7.3


This method can be used to delete a particular W-8BEN request or a submission.

If there are multiple W-8BENs requested in a Submission, all the W-8BEN records under the submission will be deleted.

DELETE FormW8Ben/Delete 
Run in Postman

Request Params

SubmissionIdGuidUnique Identifier for a Submission.
PayeeRefStringUnique identifier of a recipient. Either PayeeRef or Email is required
Size Range: 1-50
EmailStringEmail Address of the recipient.
Size Range: 1-50

Request Params

Delete a recipient with SubmissionId


Response Body

FormW8BENRecordsObjectDetails of the W-8BENs requested for delete
    SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission.
    PayeeRefStringUnique identifier of the recipient
    EmailStringEmail Address of the recipient.
    W8BENStatusStringStatus of the W-8BEN
    StatusTsStringTimestamp of the status
ErrorsObjectShows detailed error information.

Response JSON

All W-8BENs will be deleted for the given SubmissionId.**

"FormW8BENRecords": [
"SubmissionId": "019c8aec-41fe-4b80-883a-441665dc004a",
"PayeeRef": "Pe123451234",
"Email": "",
"W8BENStatus": "DELETED",
"StatusTs": "2021-02-22 04:24:09 -05:00"
"Errors": null