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Version: 1.7.0


Find FAQs related to WhCertificate and TIN Matching.

1. What does the WhCertificate API offer?

  • Form W-9 are filled by recipients who are U.S. citizens or beneficial owners receiving compensation for tax withholding and reporting purposes. Foreign individuals and Nonresident Aliens fill Form W-8BEN instead. Though TaxBandits API has separate APIs FormW9 and FormW8BEN for recipients to fill in their information, if you want recipients to choose the form based on whether they are foreign individuals or not, use WhCertificate API.
  • The GetURL endpoint of WhCertificate returns a unique URL which allows your recipient to choose either Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN, fill in their information, e-sign, and submit the form.

2. What Customization options are available in WhCertificate API?

The GetURL endpoint of WhCertificate returns a unique URL that can be rendered on browser or embedded in an application using IFrame. Your recipients are the ones who fill in the W9 or W-8BEN information on this page, e-sign, and submit the form. With this in mind, the Customization object will allow you to easily customize the page.

  • BusinessLogoUrl - ​​Business Logo to be displayed on the Form completion page.
  • ReturnUrl - Redirection once the recipient completes filling the Form W-9/W-8BEN.
  • CancelUrl - Redirection once the recipient clicks the cancel button on the Form W-9/W-8BEN.