Extend your software with TaxBandits IRS E-file API Integration

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Version: 1.7.0


1. How do we generate the Access Token for the request header?

  • For any TaxBandits API Endpoint, the first step is to call the Auth method to get the Access token or JSON Web Token (JWT). The access token is a cryptic string, usually generated by the server in response to a request. To authenticate the request, this access token must be supplied in the request header as the "Bearer" token.
  • Refer OAuth 2.0 Authentication for more information on JWT authentication and how to integrate with the subsequent requests.

2. We are dealing with hundreds of businesses and it's cumbersome for us to individually create business for them using the TaxBandits API.  Is there a way we can have them fill and submit their payer information?

Yes. Use the Business/RequestByURL endpoint that returns a unique URL based on the unique identifier PayerRef. Using the URL, payers can complete the Payer Information and submit the PIF form. Add the webhook URL to be notified when a payer submits the PIF form.

Alternatively, use Business/Create API endpoint to create business one by one. Also, you can create the business in the TaxBandits application and access them using API endpoints.

3. We are seeing that the TaxBandit W9/W8 form link expires. Is there a way to make it not expire? Or should we generate a new one either way? 

The w-9/w-8 sign link will expire only after affiliate has signed or canceled the Form. If the affiliate canceled the request, then you can use the same PayeeRef to generate a new link for that affiliate.

4. Will the business ID creation(PIF) form link expire? If so, Can we use the same PayerRef?

The PIF URL never expires. However, if the merchant uses the same link again, we will consider it an edit and update the new details for the business.

5. What would be the reason for Webhook Delivery failure?

When our system tries to deliver the notification to your webhook URL, the callback URL is expected to return HTTP 200 response code.

If we do not receive 200 as the response code, our system will try to post the webhook notification at several intervals (within 24 hours) to the Webhook URL. 

At each failed attempt, an email will be triggered to the client. After nine failed attempts, our system will stop trying, and it will mark the webhook as Limit Reached, and you will receive a notification email stating that the notification to the Webhook URL is failed.

To change the webhook URL to Active, 

  • Login to the console site and navigate to Settings >> Webhook Settings. 
  • Click the Send Test Notification button against the URL. 
  • A sample webhook will be posted to the URL.
  • If we receive an HTTP 200 response code, the URL will be made Active again.

6. How to create BUSINESS using TaxBandits API?

Business Endpoint allows the Employer's/Payers to create their Business information that can be used as a reference in order to utilize the TaxBandits API. 

As a business owner, create a business account with a Business Name, address, email, etc. POST Business/Create is the API method for creating a business.

Once the business is created, TaxBandits will generate a unique Business ID, which will be referenced in other methods. The same Business/Payer can be later used in 1099, W-2, ACA, 94x and W-9 endpoints.

 7. Which Webhook should I add to know the status of TIN Matching for Recipients?

If you use the TINMatchingRecipients endpoint to request TIN Matching for recipients, use the TIN Matching Status Change webhook. The payload will have TIN Matching order status, Timestamp on when the status change occurred, and the number of TIN Matching attempts remaining.  

However, if TIN Matching is opted as part of FormW9 or WhCertificate endpoints, the respective WhCertificate Status Change or Form W9 Status Change webhooks will handle them.

8. How will clients be notified when copies of W2/1099 are postal mailed to recipients?

When Postal Mail is opted while creating W-2/1099, TaxBandits will automatically initiate the postal mailing of recipient copies to these recipients.  Configure the Postal Sent webhook URL to be notified when recipient copies of W2/1099 are postal mailed.  We will authenticate the URL by posting a test submission to activate the URL.