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Version: 1.7.3


Request Body

    KSobjectKansas state recon details.
        FormKW3objectContains Kansas Recon Form KW3 details.
            KSWithHoldingIDstringKansas state withholding ID number.
Allowed values

"036999999999F99", "036 Z99999999Z99", "999 Z99999999Z99"

            WHAccClosedDatedateKansas Withholding account closed date.
            NumOf1099W2FormsintTotal number of 1099 and W-2 forms.
            TotTaxWH1099W2numberTotal tax withheld as per 1099 and W-2 forms.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            WHTaxPaidnumberTotal Kansas withholding tax paid.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            CreditAvailableintTotal amount of any credit memo(s) received as a result of an overpayment from the previous year and used as credit this calendar year.
Size Range: 0-11
            TotWHPaymentnumberTotal amount of withholding tax paid and the credit.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            OverpaymentnumberEnter Overpayment if total tax paid is more than total tax withheld.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            BalanceDuenumberEnter Balance Due if total tax withheld is more than total tax paid.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            PenaltynumberPenalty on balance due.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            InterestnumberInterest on balance due.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TotTaxnumberTotal balance due (Balance due + Interest + Penalty).
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            FilingSchTypestringEnter your filing schedule.
Allowed values

"Quarterly", "Monthly", "SemiMonthly", "QuadMonthly", "Annual"

            QuarterlyObjectContains payment information for each quarters.
                Qtr1numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 1.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
                Qtr2numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 2.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
                Qtr3numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 3.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
                Qtr4numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 4.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            MonthlyObjectContains payment information for each month.
            SemiMonthlyObjectContains payment information for each semi-monthly duration.
            QuadMonthlyObjectContains payment information for each quad-monthly duration.
            AnnualObjectTotal tax paid for the year.
            TotPaymentsnumberTotal payments for filing schedule.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99

Request JSON

"KS": {
"FormKW3": {
"KSWithHoldingID": "036999999999F99",
"WHAccClosedDate": null,
"NumOf1099W2Forms": 1,
"TotTaxWH1099W2": 100,
"WHTaxPaid": 49,
"CreditAvailable": 50,
"TotWHPayment": 99,
"Overpayment": 0,
"BalanceDue": 1,
"Penalty": 0,
"Interest": 0,
"TotTax": 0,
"FilingSchType": "Quarterly",
"Quarterly": {
"Qtr1": 99,
"Qtr2": 0,
"Qtr3": 0,
"Qtr4": 0
"Monthly": null,
"SemiMonthly": null,
"QuadMonthly": null,
"Annual": null,
"TotPayments": 99