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Version: 1.7.3


Before making any API endpoint requests, you can check the connectivity and response time of our server using the Ping endpoint.

This allows you to verify whether the JWT is valid or not and also helps you identify any connectivity issues between your software and our API server before requesting endpoints.

GET Utility/Ping 
Run in Postman

Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the status codes like 200,300 etc
StatusNamestringName of the status code
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message
APIVersionstringTaxBandits API version
JWTExpirystringYour current JWT Expiry time
TimeZonestringTaxBandits API server time zone
Errorsobject[]Shows error information
    IdstringReturns the validation error Id
    NamestringName of the validation error
    MessagestringDescription of the validation error

Response JSON

"StatusCode": 200,
"StatusName": "Ok",
"StatusMessage": "Successful API call",
"APIVersion": "V1.7.3",
"JWTExpiry": "1696917733",
"TimeZone": "UTC",
"Errors": null