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Version: 1.7.3


IRS created Schedule R to allocate the aggregate wage, tax, credit, deposit and payment amounts reported on Form 941. Reporting agents, certified professional employer organizations (CPEOs), and other third-party payers must complete and submit Schedule R when filing an aggregate Form 941 for quarterly federal employment taxes. If the agent has 10 or more employer clients, complete as many Continuation Sheets for Schedule R as necessary.

Here’s how Form 941 Schedule R endpoint may be used:

  • Call the Auth method to get the access token. This access token must be supplied in the request header as the ‘Bearer‘ token. Refer OAuth 2.0 Authentication for more information on JWT authentication and how to integrate with the subsequent requests.
  • Use ValidateForm method to validate the field level specifications of form 941 Schedule R before creating the form. (Optional)
  • Use Create method to create aggregate Form 941 and Schedule R returns.
  • Use DownloadForm8453EMP method to download form 8453 EMP using the RecordId if the Signature Type is "FORM 8453 EMP."
  • Use UploadForm8453EMP method to sign and upload the form after you've downloaded it.
  • Use Get method to retrieve the Form 941 Schedule R return information 
  • Use GetPDF method to return the link to the Form 941 Schedule R in PDF format. Webhook has to be set up for this.
  • Use Update method to make changes to an existing Form 941 Schedule R returns.
  • Use Delete method to delete Form 941 Schedule R returns prepared in TaxBandits.
  • Use List method to list all Form 941 Schedule R for a Submission or Employer.
  • Use Validate method to audit the data of Form 941 Schedule R  before transmission to the IRS.
  • Use Transmit method to transmit the 941 Schedule R  to the IRS.
  • Use Status method to check the status of the 941 Schedule R after transmission.