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Version: 1.7.1


Form 1099-NEC is used by businesses (payers) to report non-employee compensations made to recipients (payees) such as independent contractors, freelancers, consultants, etc.

Typically, this form is filed by businesses when they have made $600 or more as non-employee compensation during the year.

Services you can avail of through TaxBandits API:

  • Federal & State Filing - E-file 1099-NEC with both the IRS and States.
  • Postal Mailing - Distribute the recipient copy of Form 1099-NEC via Postal Mail.
  • Online Access - Make the digital copies of Form 1099-NEC available online for the corresponding recipients.

Form 1099-NEC endpoints:

You can use the following endpoints to complete the 1099-NEC filing.


In order to use the following endpoints, you must call the Auth method to get the access token. This access token must be supplied in the request header as the ‘Bearer‘ token. Refer to OAuth 2.0 Authentication for more information on JWT authentication.

  • Create - To create Form 1099-NEC for the recipients under the corresponding payer. While creating the form, you can opt for state filing, postal mail, and online access if required.
  • Update - To make changes to an existing Form 1099-NEC.
  • Transmit - To transmit the 1099-NEC to the IRS.
  • Status - To check the status of the 1099-NEC after transmission. (As an alternative, you can configure Webhooks for E-file Status Change)

If you need to retrieve Form PDFs, you can use one of the endpoints mentioned here.

Other 1099-NEC Endpoints:

You can use any of the following endpoints based on your needs.

  • ValidateForm - To validate the field-level specifications of form 1099-NEC before creating the form. (Optional)
  • Validate - To audit the created Form 1099-NEC data before transmission to the IRS.
  • List - To list all Form 1099-NEC for a submission or Payer.
  • Get - To retrieve the recipient data, business data and form data from the 1099-NEC created.
  • GetbyRecordIds - To retrieve the recipient data, business data, and form data using the recordids (without submissionid).
  • Delete - To delete the 1099-NEC return you prepared in TaxBandits.
  • GenerateFromTxns - Use this method if you want to generate 1099-NEC for the given business and recipient IDs based on the transactions you recorded using Form1099Transactions.
  • Approve - To approve the transactions that are created using TaxBandits

1099-NEC PDF Retrieval

You can obtain the PDF version of your 1099-NEC forms using one of the following endpoints:

  • RequestDraftPdfUrl - To return the Draft PDF for review purposes. These forms are not transmitted and will have a watermark "For Review only" on it.
  • RequestPdfURLs - To retrieve PDFs for single or multiple recipients.
  • GetPDF - To get the link for Form 1099-NEC PDF. To use this, you must have configured Webhook for it, so that the endpoint will return the PDFs via Webhook.

Note: To retrieve the final version of 1099 Form PDFs, you can use either RequestPdfURL or GetPDF and not both.

To learn how to retrieve a 1099 PDF, click here