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Version: 1.7.1

Form 941

Find FAQs related to 940, 941, Sch R Forms/endpoints and 8453EMP.

1. Form 941 for multiple recipients is transmitted to IRS through API. How to check the status of online access and federal filing for each recipient?

Use Status or List method to view the status for Online access and Federal filing for each recipient. Pass the SubmissionId in the request to display all the status of recipients under the single submission.

2. Is it possible to edit a 941 return in TaxBandits that was just transmitted?

Once you transmit the 941 to the IRS, you cannot edit the information. If the IRS rejects your return, TaxBandits allows you to make changes to the form and resubmit the return. However, if your return is Accepted and you still intend to make corrections to the information, you need to file a correction form. You can fill your Form 941-X, sign, download, print, and mail it to the IRS.

3. How to download 8453EMP form using TaxBandits API?

Use DownloadForm8453EMP method to download the 8453EMP form using the recordId as reference when the SignatureType in Create method is set to 8453EMP. Once the form is downloaded, sign and scan it and upload it using UploadForm8453EMP method. While using the method, ensure the scanned Form 8453 pdf is in a byte array.

4. How to upload signed 8453EMP form using TaxBandits API?

After signing form 8453EMP, scan the form and upload it using UploadForm8453EMP method with reference to its RecordId. The uploaded pdf should be in a byte array, and make sure the form is uploaded before transmission of the form to the IRS, or else a transmission error will occur.

5. Is it possible to upload the signed 8453EMP form after transmission?

Signed 8453EMP form should only be uploaded before transmission of form 941 to IRS. A transmission error will be displayed in the response if the signed  8453EMP form is not uploaded while transmitting.