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Payroll Service Providers

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Reporting Agents

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Form Filling Services

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API Reference

Explore our API reference to better understand the endpoints used to create, update, validate, and E-file tax forms with the IRS.

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TaxBandits API Key Features

Extend Your Software with our Advanced Public API

Business Focus

E-file Payroll and Employment forms to the IRS
E-file Payroll and Employment forms to the IRS

Use TaxBandits APIs to efile W-2, 94x, 1099, and other forms directly to the IRS/SSA

TaxBandits Real-Time Updates
TaxBandits Real-Time Updates

Webhooks are used to indicate the exact status of your forms with the IRS, SSA, and/or State Agencies

Postal Mailing of Recipient Copies
Postal Mailing of Recipient Copies

We automatically mail copies to your recipients via USPS

Generate PDFs
Generate PDFs

Integrate into your own software to handle
e-delivery needs

Developer Focus

Easy to use
Easy to use

Our documentation is clear-cut and lays out simple setup procedures.

Advanced Security
Advanced Security

We never compromise on security, our API security solution surpasses the industry standard.

Sandbox Environment
Sandbox Environment

Perform comprehensive testing, gain insightful results, and keep quality on point.

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Clear Documentation
Clear Documentation

Our documentation is easy to follow and implement.

Explore the API

TaxBandits API Supported Forms

Wage & Tax Forms

  • Form W-2
  • Form W-2C
  • Form W-3
  • W-2 State Filings

Payroll Forms

  • Form 940
  • Form 941 PR
  • Form 940 Schedule R
  • UI Forms
  • Form 940 PR
  • Form 941 SS
  • Form 941 Schedule R
  • New Hire Report
  • Form 941
  • Form 943
  • State withholding
  • Online 94x PIN Request

1099 Forms

  • Form 1099 MISC
  • Form 1099-DIV
  • Form 1099-INT
  • Form W-9
  • Form 1099-NEC
  • Form 1096
  • 1099 State Filings
  • Form 1099-Corrections

Affordable Care Act Forms

  • Form 1095-C
  • Form 1094-C

More 1099 Forms Coming Soon

  • Form 1099-S
  • Form 1099-B
  • Form 1099-R

What’s New

Form 941 for Quarter 3, 2021 is now enabled in the API
September 20, 2021
Form 941 for Quarter 2, 2021 is now enabled in the API
June 28, 2021
Introduced TIN Matching endpoint to verify TINs against the IRS database
May 03, 2021
Form 941 for Quarter 1, 2021 is now enabled in the API
March 29, 2021
Introduced FormW9/RequestbyURL method to request a W-9 URL that can be Embedded into your Website or Native App
March 15, 2021

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