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Version: 1.7.1


Gets information of New Hire report records by Submission Id.

GET NewHireReport/Get

Request Body

SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission

Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the HTTP status codes like 200,300 etc.
StatusNamestringName of the status code.
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message.
SubmissionIdGuidUnique identifier of a submission
NHReportsobject[]Object to create New Hire reports.
    SequencestringA unique number given by an inbound application to identify failed records.
    ReportingToStateCdstringState code of the New Hire Reporting State
    EmployeeCntnumberNumber of Employees for New Hire Reporting
    EmployerobjectEmployer details
        BusinessIdGuidUnique Identifier of the business
        BusinessNmstringName of the business
        TradeNmstringOptional Name under which the business operates
        IsEINBooleanWhen true, identifies the business with an EIN.
        EINorSSNstringWhen IsEIN is true, use Employer Identification Number (EIN). When IsEIN is false, use Social Security Number (SSN)
        EmailstringEmail address of the Business
        ContactNmstringOptional Name of the person who can be contacted by the IRS
        PhonestringContact number of the business with area code
        PhoneExtnstringOptional Extension of the business phone number
        FaxstringOptional Fax number of the Business
        BusinessTypestringType of business. Optional for W-2/1099 and mandatory for 94X series
        KindOfEmployerstringIdentifies the kind of employer. Mandatory for W-2 and optional for 1099-MISC and 94X series.
        KindOfPayerstringIdentifies the kind of payer. This field is mandatory in W-2 and optional in 1099-MISC and 94X series.
        IsBusinessTerminatedBooleanWhen true, identifies the business as terminated.
        IsForeignBooleanWhen true, identifies the business address with a foreign address.
        USAddressobjectif IsForeign is false, pass US address of the business
            Address1stringEmployer/Payer's US address (street address or post office box of that locality)
            Address2stringOptional Employer/Payer's suite or apartment
            CitystringEmployer/Payer's city
            StatestringState code of the employer/payer. Refer Static values.
            ZipCdstringEmployer/Payer's zip code
        ForeignAddressobjectif IsForeign is true, pass foreign address of the business
            Address1stringEmployer/Payer's foreign address (street address or post office box of that locality)
            Address2stringOptional Employer/Payer's suite or apartment
            CitystringEmployer/Payer's city
            ProvinceOrStateNmstringEmployer/Payer's province or state name
                CountrystringEmployer/Payer country code. Refer Static values.
            PostalCdstringEmployer/Payer's postal code
    Employeesobject[]Object to identify the employee details
        SequencestringEmployee's sequence number.
        SSNstringEmployee's Social Security Number (SSN)
        FirstNmstringEmployee's First Name
        MiddleNmstringEmployee's Middle Name
        LastNmstringEmployee's Last Name
        SuffixstringEmployee's Suffix.
        EmailstringEmployee's email address.
        FaxstringEmployee's Fax number.
        PhonestringEmployee's phone number including area code.
        USAddressobjectObject to identify the employee's US address
            Address1stringEmployee's US address (street address or post office box of that locality)
            Address2stringOptional Employee's suite or apartment
            CitystringEmployee's city
            StatestringEmployee's state code. Refer Static values.
            ZipCdstringEmployee's zip code.
        StateSpecificsnumberState specified information for New Hire reporting.
            DOBDateTimeEmployee's Date of Birth
            DtOfRemunerationDateTimeEmployee's Date of Remuneration
        EmployeeUIdGuidUnique Identifier of an Employee
        HireTypestringHire type of an employee. Applicable only for New Hires.
    RecordIdGuidUnique Identifier of a record
Errorsobject[]Shows detailed error information.
    CodestringReturns the validation error code.
    NamestringName of the validation error.
    MessagestringDescription of the validation error.
    TypestringType of validation error.

Request JSON


Response JSON

{   "StatusCode": 200,   "StatusName": "Ok",   "StatusMessage": "Successful API call",   "SubmissionId": "31eb9b80-a935-4204-b32c-14db8d99a57e",   "NHReports": [       {           "Sequence": "1",           "ReportingToStateCd": "SC",           "EmployeeCnt": 2,           "Employer": {               "BusinessId": "28460b29-61ed-4fe6-857e-304214ce7c8f",               "BusinessNm": "Eastman Kodak Company",               "TradeNm": null,               "IsEIN": true,               "EINorSSN": "00-3333330",               "Email": "john@gmail.com",               "ContactNm": "John",               "Phone": "1234567890",               "PhoneExtn": "12345",               "Fax": "1234567890",               "BusinessType": null,               "SigningAuthority": null,               "KindOfEmployer": null,               "KindOfPayer": null,               "IsBusinessTerminated": false,               "IsForeign": false,               "USAddress": {                   "Address1": "1751 Kinsey Rd",                   "Address2": "Main St",                   "City": "Dothan",                   "State": "AL",                   "ZipCd": "36303"               },               "ForeignAddress": null           },           "Employees": [               {                   "Sequence": "1",                   "SSN": "393-84-8035",                   "FirstNm": "John",                   "MiddleNm": "F",                   "LastNm": "Kennedy",                   "Suffix": "Mr",                   "Email": "john@gmail.com",                   "Fax": "1234567890",                   "Phone": "1234567890",                   "USAddress": {                       "Address1": "1751 Kinsey Rd",                       "Address2": "Main St",                       "City": "Dothan",                       "State": "AL",                       "ZipCd": "36303"                   },                   "StateSpecifics": {                       "DOB": "1992-05-10T00:00:00",                       "DtOfRemuneration": "2019-05-10T10:50:19.427"                   },                   "EmployeeUId": "b20c15ce-1ff5-44aa-a470-9876102736e4",                   "HireType": "NEWHIRE"               },               {                   "Sequence": "2",                   "SSN": "393-84-8039",                   "FirstNm": "Fred",                   "MiddleNm": "F",                   "LastNm": "Thomas",                   "Suffix": "Mr",                   "Email": "john@gmail.com",                   "Fax": "1234567890",                   "Phone": "1234567890",                   "USAddress": {                       "Address1": "1751 Kinsey Rd",                       "Address2": "Main St",                       "City": "Dothan",                       "State": "AL",                       "ZipCd": "36303"                   },                   "StateSpecifics": {                       "DOB": "1992-05-10T00:00:00",                       "DtOfRemuneration": "2019-05-10T10:50:19.427"                   },                   "EmployeeUId": "6ee31144-c0db-48da-a82b-f798342e6e58",                   "HireType": "NEWHIRE"               }           ],           "RecordId": "2ffde35c-c885-45c6-ab48-424a89c838ed"       }   ],   "Errors": null}