Extend your software with TaxBandits IRS E-file API Integration

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Version: 1.7.0


Request Body

    KSobjectKansas state recon details.
        FormKW3objectContains Kansas Recon Form KW3 details.
            KSWithHoldingIDstringKansas state withholding ID number.
Allowed values: "036999999999F99", "036 Z99999999Z99", "999 Z99999999Z99"
            WHAccClosedDatedateKansas Withholding account closed date.
            NumOf1099W2FormsintTotal number of 1099 and W-2 forms.
            TotTaxWH1099W2numberTotal tax withheld as per 1099 and W-2 forms.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            WHTaxPaidnumberTotal Kansas withholding tax paid.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            CreditAvailableintTotal amount of any credit memo(s) received as a result of an overpayment from the previous year and used as credit this calendar year.
Size Range: 0-11
            TotWHPaymentnumberTotal amount of withholding tax paid and the credit.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            OverpaymentnumberEnter Overpayment if total tax paid is more than total tax withheld.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            BalanceDuenumberEnter Balance Due if total tax withheld is more than total tax paid.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            PenaltynumberPenalty on balance due.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            InterestnumberInterest on balance due.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            TotTaxnumberTotal balance due (Balance due + Interest + Penalty).
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            FilingSchTypestringEnter your filing schedule.
Allowed values: "Quarterly", "Monthly", "SemiMonthly", "QuadMonthly", "Annual"
            QuarterlyObjectContains payment information for each quarters.
                Qtr1numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 1.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
                Qtr2numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 2.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
                Qtr3numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 3.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
                Qtr4numberTotal tax paid on Quarter 4.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99
            MonthlyObjectContains payment information for each month.
            SemiMonthlyObjectContains payment information for each semi-monthly duration.
            QuadMonthlyObjectContains payment information for each quad-monthly duration.
            AnnualObjectTotal tax paid for the year.
            TotPaymentsnumberTotal payments for filing schedule.
Size Range: 0-999999999.99

Request JSON

"KS": {
"FormKW3": {
"KSWithHoldingID": "036999999999F99",
"WHAccClosedDate": null,
"NumOf1099W2Forms": 1,
"TotTaxWH1099W2": 100,
"WHTaxPaid": 49,
"CreditAvailable": 50,
"TotWHPayment": 99,
"Overpayment": 0,
"BalanceDue": 1,
"Penalty": 0,
"Interest": 0,
"TotTax": 0,
"FilingSchType": "Quarterly",
"Quarterly": {
"Qtr1": 99,
"Qtr2": 0,
"Qtr3": 0,
"Qtr4": 0
"Monthly": null,
"SemiMonthly": null,
"QuadMonthly": null,
"Annual": null,
"TotPayments": 99