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Version: 1.6.1


Lists every business created for a date range.

GET Business/List

Request Body

PageintSelected page number to be listed.
PageSizeintNumber of businesses to be listed in each page.
FromDatestringList Businesses created from
ToDatestringList Businesses created upto

Response Body

StatusCodenumberReturns the status codes like 200,300 etc.
StatusNamestringName of the status code.
StatusMessagestringDetailed status message
Businessobject[]Business Details of all the business
    BusinessIdGuidBusiness Identifier (Autogenerated)
    PayerRefstringUnique identifier of the payer. Set by the client.
    BusinessNmstringName of the Business.
    EINorSSNstringEmployer Identification Number or Social Security Number
    EmailstringEmployer's email address.
    ContactNmstringOptional Name of a person who could be contacted by the IRS if needed.
    BusinessTypestringType of business entity.
    IsBusinessTerminatedBooleanWhen true, identifies the business as terminated.
PagenumberRequested Page Number.
TotalRecordsnumberTotal number of records returned in the response.
TotalPagesnumberNumber of pages with the records.
PageSizenumberRequested Page Size.

Request JSON


Response JSON

{"StatusCode": 200,"StatusName": "Ok","StatusMessage": "Successful API call","Businesses": [  {    "BusinessId": "17e1efa1-37b8-4ace-89e9-877fe749b64e",    "PayerRef": "B123",    "BusinessNm": "Eastman Kodak Company",    "EINorSSN": "00-3313330",    "Email": "",    "ContactNm": "John",    "BusinessType": "ESTE",    "IsBusinessTerminated": false  },  {    "BusinessId": "5b0aedcc-96f5-44ea-8643-c1fd1515398c",    "PayerRef": "B124",    "BusinessNm": "Ante Solutions",    "EINorSSN": "12-1222877",    "Email": "",    "ContactNm": "Smith",    "BusinessType": "PART",    "IsBusinessTerminated": false  },  {    "BusinessId": "c71a0eab-93a3-4df4-b67d-c2f33a9851c3",    "PayerRef": "B126",    "BusinessNm": "FloriTech Solutions",    "EINorSSN": "15-4023615",    "Email": "",    "ContactNm": "Charles Kennedy",    "BusinessType": "CORP",    "IsBusinessTerminated": false  }],"Page": 1,"TotalRecords": 3,"TotalPages": 1,"PageSize": 10}